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Revolution Insurance was created by Scott and Adam – (self confessed) insurance geeks by day, keen cyclists in their spare time.​

One Friday arvo we were talking about Adam's brand new e-bike and we realised that bike insurance isn't widely available, and people don’t know how, or why they need to insure their bike. We thought about what a great specialist bicycle insurance product would look like and realised it didn't exist in New Zealand. The outcome is Revolution Insurance!


Scott Lewis

Scott has been riding mountain bikes for over 20 years and has ridden (almost) all of the NZ Cycle Trails in the North Island. A recent convert to gravel biking he is starting on all the North Island gravel roads. He has over 30 years of insurance industry experience in New Zealand and internationally.


Adam Follington

Adam has been riding bikes his whole life but has recently discovered the joys of ebike commuting. He regularly rides Auckland's ever growing bike trail network, both for work and fun. He has over 25 years of insurance industry experience in New Zealand and internationally.

We love bikes and beautiful insurance products


We’re a New Zealand-based insurance agency, specialising in bicycle insurance. We’re bikers ourselves and we set up Revolution because we could see the need for specialist bike insurance. We’re also insurance experts and have partnered with insurers and retailers to bring you insurance which is simple, straightforward and (in its own way) beautiful!


Allianz Partners is a global partner working with some of New Zealand’s leading brands. Allianz Partners New Zealand prides itself on a culture of going above and beyond for their customers. In fact helping people is at the core of what they do.

Headquartered in Auckland, the team provides travel insurance, emergency assistance and pet insurance to customers and partners throughout New Zealand.

Allianz Partners are part of a global business which means customers can rely on them to deliver globally consistent services, implemented with local expertise. They have a strong foundation, yet have the ability to be innovative and nimble, to push technological and geographical boundaries. Their agile approach allows them to be flexible and responsive to the ever-changing landscape in which they operate. 


Our retail partners

We're working with selected retailers who specialise in all things bikes and are the exclusive suppliers of Revolution Insurance:


Electrify NZ was started with one mission in mind – to rapidly grow the number of people around New Zealand using bikes. They've grown to become New Zealand’s nationwide electric bike specialists, with stores around the country in every major region.


You can purchase Bike Insurance from Electrify's Victoria Park and North Shore stores


Evo started way back in 2007 and have been on an epic ride ever since! From humble beginnings in the Waikato, they've grown to have showrooms all across our beautiful country, many in key riding destinations. However, as much as they’ve grown they’re still a family-owned 100% kiwi company. 

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