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Who is Revolution Insurance?

Revolution is a specialist bike insurance underwriting agency. The insurance is issued and managed by Allianz Partners and underwritten by The Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd.

What is Revolution Bicycle Insurance?
Revolution Bicycle Insurance is a specialist insurance product designed for bicycles and ebikes.

Where can I buy Revolution Bicycle Insurance?
You can buy online (click the quote button above) or ask in-store at our retail partners (Evo Cycles and Electrify NZ)

Do you insure ebikes?

Yes, absolutely. 

I already have contents insurance.  Why do I need this?

This Bicycle Insurance was developed with cyclists in mind and includes specialist features such as emergency assistance, low excess and like-for-like replacement.  

Download the policy document

What is Emergency assistance?

We’ll arrange help if you break down or have an accident, including up to $500 for emergency costs. Call 0800 400 132 if you're in a situation where you need our help.

What is my excess?

The policy has a maximum excess of $100, and no excess for Emergency Assistance.

What do you do if the bike costs more than $12,000?

Sorry, at the moment you can only purchase cover for bikes with a value up to $12,000.

What are the rules related to locks and theft?

There are two important things to remember:

  • You must use an approved lock;

  • When in public, your bike frame must be attached to an immoveable object with an approved lock.

Check out our guide to locking your bike

What is an approved lock?

Locks need to be keyed (not combination) and either a D-Lock or a heavy chain or folding lock. Find out which locks are approved

What if I already own a lock?

That's fine as long as it meets the definition of our approved lock.

How are accessories covered under the policy?

You will be covered for damage to or loss of accessories up to the maximum value of $250 unless you have purchased an increased accessory benefit in which case the limit is $1,000.

How do I make a claim?

Click here to start a claim.

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