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Our specialist bike insurance has been designed especially for bikers.


(at a glance)

Theft from home/work

We’ll provide cover if your bike is stolen from a locked premises.

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Theft in a public place

We’ll provide cover if your bike is stolen from a public place, when secured by an approved lock to an immovable object.

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Accidental damage

This covers damage caused by sudden, unexpected events including drops, falls, impacts and natural disasters.

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Roadside assistance

We’ll arrange help if you break down or have an accident.

Like-for-like replacement

If your bike can’t be repaired we’ll give you an identical new or equivalent bike.

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Other people’s property

We’ll provide cover for

up to $1m for accidental

damage caused by you to

other people’s property.

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We’ll automatically cover items used with your bike (like a lock or lights) for up to $250. Increase your cover to $1000 for an additional premium.

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Low to no excess

The policy has a maximum excess of $100, and no excess for Roadside Assistance or Emergency Costs.

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Emergency costs

We’ll cover emergency costs incurred in the event of a breakdown of up to a maximum of $500.

Approved locks

Our policy will only cover you for theft in a public place if your frame is attached to an immovable object with an approved lock.

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We’ll cover deliberate damage or sabotage to your bike by someone else, such as having the frame broken by a want-to-be thief.

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Where you're covered

We’ll cover your bike and accessories anywhere in New Zealand, so don’t worry if you’re in The Bluff or at The Cape.

*Roadside Assistance is provided by New Zealand Roadside Assistance. Callouts are limited to three in any policy year and must be roads accessible by a 2 wheel drive service vehicle. Coverage is for the North and South Islands of New Zealand. (Coverage for Waiheke Island may be possible depending on availability of service providers).

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